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Shredded Foam

Safety Face Shields & Face Mask

Latex free, fiberglass free and distortion free Foam head comfort strips relieves pressure Lightweight Optically clear Direct Splash Protection Manufacturing Custom Face Shields and Washable Hand Mask right in Michigan. Maximize your social distancing by purchasing this product and we will also donate to medical staff and first responders.
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Safety Face Shields & Face Mask

**Reduce Price for Face Shields**

No minimum order required! This face shield is highly recommended through healthcare facilities such as medical offices, dental offices and hospitals. But can also be use for small business workers such as grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, electrical work shops and construction environments. Face shields can also protect you during bus and train transportation, assembly lines, and senior homes.

These face shields are built so that you can breathe and talk easier on the phone or next to someone throughout your normal daily activities. For people with underlying medical conditions can also use this shield to help protect their eyes, nose, and mouth from fluids, splashes and body fluids. 

Even every-day civilians who go to the stores to purchase essential and non-essential items can also wear this to help protect your face from debris, dust, dirt and the spread of viruses. 

Sometimes people tend to wear the face mask wrong or accidentally cross-contaminate by removing the mask or shield when talking on the phone, or by constantly touching the mask to adjust or cover their mouth. People tend to do this only because it can be hard to breathe, so this face shield will prevent you from accidentally touching your face. 

This shield comes equipped with light weight plastic material, an adjustable velcro or elastic bands, and a comfortable open cell foam strip across the top of the face shield so that the plastic is not too close to your face. Call us today for more information!

Safety Face Shields, Transparent Full Face Protective Visor For Better Eyes, Nose Mouth & Face Protection, Anti-Spitting Splash Facial Cover for Man or Women.

Premium Design High quality optically clear and distortion-free wrap around face shields. This clear .5mm flexible plastic sheet has maximum visibility. The clear face shields specifications are commonly used in high quality medical face shields.

Professional protection: This medical face shield is helpful to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from aerosols, sprays, splatters as wells droplets in the air. Anti=spatter. Anti-splash.

Luxury Comfortable: Lightweight and comfort to wear. The foam comfort strip device holds the shield away from the face allowing room for goggles and glasses. The shield’s distance helps minimize fogging. It is quick and easy to put on and secure. Equipped with soft, adjustable Velcro straps instead of elastic or rubber bands. The safety face shield is suitable for extended wear.

Complete Coverage: Full length provides more complete coverage than typical face mask. Wrap around design provides over the top, side and front face protection.

This product uses a clear plastic shield which is a polmer material. Normally for disposable use but due to product shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the face shield has been designed with materials that can be sanitized with alcohol base cleaners for limited reuse. Plastic shield will have a tendency to cloud with continued cleaning requiring replacement as supplies become more available.

Latex free, fiberglass free and distortion free
Foam head comfort strips relieves pressure
Optically clear
Direct Splash Protection

Warning: Use only against liquids and dust. This shield is not impact resistant.
Do not use as protection against open flames or sparks.