Round Mattress bed Set with Vertically Channeled Headboard and bench

Round Mattress Set

Round Mattress Bedroom Set- Channel

This complete Round Mattress Bedroom Set comes in the size 60”, 72", 84" and 96" Round x 20” Tall. The value is built right in. All of our Upholstered frames have extra support (structural plywood at stress points, solid hardwood throughout) to withstand heavy usage and give you many years of service. Price includes Headboard, Bench, Platform & Foam Mattress.


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Round Mattress Bedroom Set- Channel

Complete Round Mattress Bedroom Set!
Includes Channel Headboard, Bench, Platform & Foam Mattress!

We have many years of successful manufacturing and selling experience to a growing number of individual customers and retail outlets in the United States. We take pride in the fact that we offer real value to our customers.

The value is built right in. All of our Upholstered frames have extra support (structural plywood at stress points, solid hardwood throughout) to withstand heavy usage and give you many years of service. Our upholstered round mattress platform is padded with dense foam for comfort and durability.

Round Foam Mattress with vinyl Wood platform frame and standard wooden legs

Price Includes: Foam Mattress, Wood Frame, wood or metal legs, Any Color Vinyl.

Total thickness is 8” thick with stripe ticking cover
2” thick topper with your choice of Memory foam OR Latex foam 6” thick Premium-Medium High Density
With Strip Ticking Cover with zipper: 100% Polyester (Spot clean only/not washable: Hand wash or Dry Cleanable)

Note: Platform comes in two pieces for easy transportation.

Round Wood Platform is 7” thick, which is made out of wood and covered in any vinyl or Leatherette color fabric of your choice! Please look below for all the colors that we offer. OR you are more then welcome to send 3 yards of fabric to us and have us upholster that fabric on for you.

Round Mattress Wood Leg Styles- The unfinished Wooden Legs OR Metal Legs are 5” thick and will be spray-painted to the color of your fabric or vinyl platform. OR you have a choice to stain the legs to any color and style of your choice.

Topper Option:

2” Thick Memory Foam is 4LB Memory Foam, and is flexible, extremely comfortable, resilient and durable. A temperature sensitive pad, which means that it will respond to body heat for a soft, yet supportive pad. OR 2” Thick Latex Foam has holes in the latex provide maximum airflow, preventing moisture and heat buildup throughout. These mattress toppers never require rotating because they maintain their shape and support for many years.

The differences between Memory Foam and Latex Foam- When you apply pressure to both types of foam the memory foam will slowly come back into place where the Latex foam automatically springs back to the original shape.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How many legs do you get? How do I attach the legs on to the frame?

In the picture there are 8 legs but only 5 legs is required, so we only ship out 5 legs. If you want us to ship out 3 more extras (to make it 8 legs) please let us know ahead of time. You will need a 1/4″ diameter drill tip to drill holes on the bed platform where you want the legs to be place. Once the holes are drill, the legs will already have the screws to attach and twist the legs into place. 

How strong is the platform frame?

We take pride in building platforms. The platform frame is very strong and sturdy. The construction of the round bed is the top and bottom of the bed are made out of ½” thick CDX plywood that is 5 ply which is glued and screwed to center section of the bed.

5 ply plywood is 5 grains of wood, each going a different direction for strength and durability. The center section of the bed is made out of 2 x 6 x 1-1/2” limber like builders used in building homes for walls. This wood is also glued and screwed together for strength just like the rest of the bed.

Then 1” thick foam is applied to the side of the plywood platform before the fabric is put on. Last the legs are attached with wood dowel screws that screws thru the ½” thick plywood and into the center section of the bed

How is this Round Bed Mattress ship?
A high quality carrier will ship and deliver right to your door! You also have the option for the carrier to deliver to the bedroom.

Foam Mattress- This mattress will be shipped in one-piece vacuum packed. Please open and allow the
foam to expand to ordinal shape for 1 hour.
Round Wood Platform- The platform will be ship in 2 pieces, equality cut in half. The purpose of this is
so that you can easily get the Platform frame thru the door. Please take a look
at the picture to see the platform set.

Is the Round Bed Delivered Inside The House?
I am sorry but this bed is not delivered inside the house. The carrier will be delivering at
the front door (like a UPS package). It will be your responsibility to get some help to deliver it to your bedroom.

How do I add a round bed in my room if the room is too small?

It is best to make a paper template to see what round bed size fits in your room. You can also add the round bed in the corner of the room to add more space.
Also to add more space we can custom make the round bed so that it is flat on one side. Please contact us for more details.

Can I return the Round Bed Set? 
For Custom Order – Since the Round Bed are custom made to your specifications, they are not returnable for any reason. Orders cannot be canceled or changed once production has begun.