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Pole Bumper- Outdoor

Our waterproof closed-cell outdoor pole bumpers are perfect for use as column protectors, dock poles, and canopies. The bumpers are made of 1" thick padding mini-cell foam. Custom sizes and covers are available.

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Pole Bumper- Outdoor

Waterproof Waterproof Pole Bumpers.
This product is made out from closed-cell Minicell Foam which feels like a gym pad.

The overall size of the outdoor pole bumper shown in the picture is 72" long with a 1" thick foam padding.

Minicell foam only comes in 4.5" length, so for instance, if you are looking for 72" length you would get 16 pieces together

Each section is 4.5" high to make up the 72" length. We can make a vinyl cover out of 1 solid piece with Velcro or grommets.

Custom sizes and covers are available. Please contact us for more details if you need padding on only 2 or 3 of the sides and would like the foam to be in one continuous piece with a wood rod added to hold it n place. 


Please note: This foam will contour to the shape of your pole, with a seam on one end. This seam is not glued. Look at the picture for details.