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Pick N' Pluck

Our Pick N' Pluck foam is designed in 1” x 1” perforations that can be easily cut to any shape to protect your valuables, such as cameras, phones, and other delicate electronic equipment.
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Pick N' Pluck

Create custom foam cushioning for your packaging product without cutting.
Easily pull out 1" x 1" perforated foam squares to match product's shape.
Choose from a verity types of open cell or closed cell foam to fragile and valuable items protected in all directions.

Eliminate expensive die-cutting. Our Pick N' Pluck is done with out WaterJet machine.
Can be cut into any thickness, and perforated to any size. Contact us for more details.

Pick N' Pluck is design for cameras, phones, delicate electronic equipment, booklets, silver-where utensils, knives collection, CD cases, instruments, tools, jewelry, flashlights, glass, handguns, and computer cases.

Available Thickness: 1", 1-1/2", 2"

Available Sizes: 12" x 20" * 24" x 24"

What are the uses for Pick N’ Pluck foam?

  • Pick N’ Pluck foam can be used as an alternative to custom cut foam to secure delicate packages in transit and through shipping.

Will this foam keep my delicate items safe from breakage?

  • Yes, our Pick N’ Pluck foamis shock absorbing and excellent for padding cases and boxes with delicate equipment.

What type of foam is Pick N’ Pluck foam made from?

  • Our Pick N’ Pluck foam is made from a variety of open cell and closed cell foams. Our staff can help you choose the best foam type for your specific need.

Can the Packaging Large Sheets be custom cut to fit my items?

  • No. You can design the foam according to your need by picking out foam pieces that you do not need to secure your package.