Custom Pet Ramp with vinyl Cover- For Car

Pet Ramp- For Car

Pet Ramp - Small

Available Heights: 15", 20" tall

This comes with foam only OR a cover with zipper.

Other sizes are available

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Pet Ramp - Small

Make daily life easier for you and your pet. This ramp is ideal for toy breeds and smaller dogs and cats. This staircase is designed for aging (pets with joint problems and arthritis) or small pets to reach their favorite spots like chairs, sofas, beds, and step stools, or just boost up an existing step. This staircase is lightweight yet strong and can hold up to 200 pounds.

Ramp Polystyrene 
Depth= 24" / Width = 15" / Height = 15"

Ramp Polystyrene 
Depth= 36"/ Width = 15"/ Height = 20"