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Neoprene With Adhesive Backing

Neoprene with Adhesive Backing has thermal and moisture insulation. It can be used for motorcycle or boat seats or exercise equipment. It's resistant to Acid, Alkalis, Oxidation, and Ozone elements. It is also static free.

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Neoprene With Adhesive Backing

Description: Neoprene is a closed cell foam. It is flexible and durable, but still able to cushion your items. It is also static free.

Specific Uses: thermal and moisture insulation, expansion joint filler in masonry and concrete, filler support sealant in traffic bearing joints, other applications that require a firm, economical, and durable gasket. (motorcycle or boat seats or exercise equipment)

Resistant To: * Acid, Alkalis, Oxidation, Ozone: Excellent * Gasoline & Oil, Aromatic hydrocarbons, Ketones: Fair * Chlorinated Solvents: Poor

To secure the sealing of joints and seams, this glue adhesive backing is strong and is suitable for Formica and can stick on rubber, glass, leather, wood, sponge, plastic, paper, cement and fabric, and other surfaces. (may not stick to ceiling) Just cut to size and peel off the backing - it's that easy!

Available Thickness: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2"
Available Sizes:

42" x 72"
21" x 72"
20-1/2" x 35"

To reduce shipping price we can cut the foam down please contact us for detail. The thickness may not be it true thickness it may be + 1/4″ Thick. If this is not acceptable, please let us know ahead of time so we can skive it to the thickness you want.

Neoprene foam can be used for motorcycle seats. For best results its best to go with 1/2" thickness, stack and glue the foam together to get the height you are looking for for easy cutting and shaping. Can also be use for Sound Muffler and packaging purpose. These water-jet service are available to any manufacturer or customer that needs to protect delicate equipment, and or requires professional advertising for their devices. This is the perfect, environmentally friendly, technological solution for nearly all cutting needs; and it is less expensive then laser and die cutting. No minimum order required