Small Layered Closed Cell Foam Archery Target with Vinyl Banding-Option #5

Archery Targets - Option #5

Layered Closed Cell Foam Large Archery Target with Wheels

Archery Targets - With Wheels

Minicell 4lbs Archery Target

Size Available: 48" x 48" x 4-1/2"
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Minicell 4lbs Archery Target

Archery targets can also be made of MircroCell foam, which is weatherproof and impervious to insects. This less expensive, lightweight foam is durable, strong and designed to resist all types of arrows, rifles, or any small weapons.

4lbs black MINICELL Archery Target  white Cirlcle in the Middle 48" x 48" x 4-1/2"

This item will have to ship out with Freight Carrier.

We can cut the foam down into 3 puzzle pieces to reduce the shipping cost.

The circle in the center is only 1/2" thick that is glued on top of the 4.5" thick foam. 

Please contact us for a shipping cost before placing the order.