In-Stock Standard Charcoal Foam

Standard Charcoal Foam

Large Quantity Foam Packing

Large quantity foam packing can be used for advertising to encase items such as musical instruments, tools, jewelry, computer cases,
wine glass, telescope, and electronics.  It also protects delicate items during shipping and is foam filler for packaging. Large quantity foam packing is available for a discounted price upon request.

In stock
Large Quantity Foam Packing

Large Quantity Foam Packing is available to you at a discounted price.

The price for the large quantity foam packing design will be approximately $65 with a $45 set-up fee.  You can reduce the setup charge by providing a dwg or dxf file. 

Please mail or email a drawing with size and quantity for a formal price quote.

Volume Foam Packaging Discount is available for:
* Advertising Cases 
* Protect items during shipping transit 
* Breakable equipment
* Foam filler
* Packaging for your musical instruments, tools, jewelry, computer cases,
wine glass, telescope, and electronics
* Our inserts are made of a lightweight polyurethane material that encapsulates any type of product

Charcoal Foam, Minicell foam, or Polyethylene foam are excellent for padding cases with delicate equipment. This type of foam is lightweight and has a completely open or closed pore structure that provides good airflow to your products. This is beneficial for filter applications and for padding packages when shipping.

Logos, finger pulls or even text can be added to give your case a one-of-a-kind design. We can also add rounded or beveled corners or create custom plug depths for each cutout so that they are even with the foam. Fabric can be glued on the top of the foam if you desire a more finished look. 

* We also have full packaging foam sheets if you would like to do your own cutting.

What can large quantity packing foam be used for?

  • Packing Foam is used to protect your breakable, delicate items during transportation or shipping.
  • Mass production makes this less expensive than die-cutting and will be cut to shape and size using our waterjet machine. This foam is great for businesses to showcase and protect all their products in one box or case during shipment and delivery. It can also be used for bottle and wine glass packaging, electronics, and tools, etc. The foam cutouts can be cut in different depths so your product will lie evenly. Please contact us today for details.

Will this foam keep my delicate items safe from breakage?

  • Yes, our Charcoal Foam, Minicell Foam, and Polyethylene Foam are all excellent for protecting delicate items and also providing airflow to your items as well.

What type of foam is used for large quantity foam packing?

  • Our large quantity foam packing comes in three types of foam: Charcoal Foam, Minicell Foam, and Polyethylene Foam

Can large quantity foam packing be custom cut to fit my items?

  • Yes, we will use your design or provide a recommended layout and then convert it to AutoCAD for custom cutting, using industry-standard foam cutting technology.

Can I purchase packing foam in bulk and do the cutting myself?

  • Yes, we offer full sheets of packing foam available for purchase, which will allow you to cut the foam according to your requirements.

I have a dwg or dxf file already made for the design I need. Can I get a discount on the set up price?

  • Yes, if you provide us with a pre-made dwg or dxf file we can reduce the set up fee for your custom cut order.