1.5 lb Carving Polystyrene- Small

1.5 lb Carving Polystyrene- Small

1.5lbs polystyrene

1.5 lb Polystyrene Full Sheets

Kids Toy Forts & Castles

Overall Castle Size 67" Long x 22" Deep Set

Great for indoor or outdoor decoration!

Custom Design and sizes are available. Please contact us for details

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Kids Toy Forts & Castles

You will receive 5 pieces 24" wide x 23" Tall x 2" Thick that fit together like a puzzle to get the castle shape look below. Please click on picture to enlarge image.

This already made castle is great for your kids to play in and they can use the castle with their knight figures and dolls. Playing with them can stimulate not only their imaginations but also an interest in history. This castle is made of square protective walls that will interlock with each other so that they can play inside the square shaped castle.

This also can be used for older elementary boys and girls who can help decorate it for school reports, show and tell, and school projects. A great present to give to kids as a birthday or Christmas gift.

The Polystyrene is easy to store and put together, it is waterproof, firm and lightweight so it is very easy to put in any area of a room.

Make your castle eye-catching by painting the item with any color you want- making your castle look more realistic! This castle will be the center of attention and attraction!

Kids Polystyrene Toy Forts and Castles Fun School Projects

Polystyrene protects against moisture and maintains its strength.

This expanded polystyrene does not attract fungi or mildew.

Passes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance