Small Layered Closed Cell Foam Archery Target with Vinyl Banding-Option #5

Archery Targets - Option #5

3D Deer Archery Target

3D Deer Archery Target

Dart Target Foam Padding

Available Sizes: 24" x 24" and 48" x 48"
As low as $19.99
In stock

Protect your wall from getting damage. This light weight,durable 2lbs Polyethylene padding fits snugly around your existing dart board so that your walls will not get damage.

Comes in black or white.
24" x 24" x 2" (with 18" hole in the center) $ 19.99
48" x 48" x 2" (with 18" hole in the center) $ 68.85

This is not a stock item so it make take 1 week to ship out. The 48" x 48" size will be to big to ship with UPS so to reduce shipping price this archer target can be shipped in 3 pieces. Then once you receive the package you will interlocks the pieces with each other so that it forms to 48″ x 48″ target.