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Cover Protector for Fireplace

Fireplace Bumpers foam pad are made to protect children, babies and kids from possible injuries. This price price includes wood frame, 1" thick charcoal firm foam and labor to upholstery. Foam only and different thicknesses is available apond request. Custom Shape and size is also available.

As low as $190.00
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Cover Protector for Fireplace

Price includes wood frame, 1" thick charcoal firm foam and labor to upholstery. We have a large selection of vinyl and decorative fabric.
Fabric material is extra. We will contact you with details after you place order.

Foam only is available. Please contact us for details.

Instructions on how to make a Fireplace Template

Step 1. Place your paper on top of fireplace base

Step 2. With a marker, carefully draw around fireplace edge

Step 3. Cut the paper template on the marked line.

Step 4. To ensure that the template is the same shape on the left and on the right,
you will need to fold the paper in half to make sure it is equal on both sides. 
If the fireplace has an angle which is not equal on both sides, please 
double check your measurements.

Step 5. Please mark clearly on the top side of the template:- 
a. Your name, telephone number, and address.
b. The width and length of the fireplace
c. The thickness of fireplace foam required

Foam only is available a pond request.

Note: It is not necessary to make a paper template. You can choose to call or e-mail us with the size of your fireplace, providing the width, length, and thickness.

Fireplace Covers are Not Fireproof so please remove this foam protector when lighting up a fire.