Closed Cell Foam Balancing Beam with Vinyl Cover

Balancing I-Beam With Cover

Closed Cell Foam Knee Padding- Waterproof

Waterproof Knee Pads

Boat / Kayak / Canoe Rooftop

Protect your car, truck and RUV roof top with this foam protector. It can be laid on top of any style small boat, kayak or canoe to keep your vehicle from scratches or indentation. This minicell foam comes in four pieces and will hold 900lbs.
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Protect your car rooftop or any fragile surfaces by putting this foam pieces in between each other. Can be used for canoe, kayak and small boats.This foam is made out of closed cell Minicell foam that will hold 900 pound

Comes with (4) Pieces black minicell foam wedge 4-1/2" thick x 6" wide x 6" Long