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Bed Size Round Bolsters

Available Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King & Day Bed Custom sizes and covers are available.

Prices does not include Cover. Please contact us for details.

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Bed Size Round Bolsters

Foam Bolsters This Bolster is recommended for beds to give your mattress a more decorative look. It also support and give your through pillows a more upright position. You can also use this round bolster to support your head, back or legs while reading or watching TV.  

This Round Bolster, comes With Two Layers Of Batting.
Drapery Work Room Loves To Work With It. Labor to sew cover with zipper is extra. Please Contact us for Details.  

Common Bed Lengths Are:
Twin Bed 39"
Full Bed 54"
Queen Bed 60"
King Bed 76"
Day Bed 75"

STANDARD (less expensive) FOAM: This is a medium density type of foam which is a 1.5lbs density. 

We vacuum pack the foam to reduce on shipping cost. you will have to give the foam 1-2 days to come back to its original shape. It will look a little misshaped and not measure to correct size until after you let it expand back out.