Egg Table Polystyrene Template

Egg Table Polystyrene Template

Arts & Crafts Floral Arrangements

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Thicknesses: 2”, 3" Thick 

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Arts & Crafts Floral Arrangements

1.5lbs Polystyrene

Nested Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Heart, Stars Cake.
Grate base for craft projects, delicate silk or to make beautiful floral arrangements, which will give them a more of a professional look. This item can be used for many creative craft projects because it's very light weight and easy to use. Create your perfect and unique centerpiece flower design and much more.

Pack of 6 nested Set: 22", 18", 14", 10", 6", (2" solid) OR 24", 20", 16", 12", 8", (4" solid) 

Polystyrene protects against moisture and maintains its strength.

This expanded polystyrene does not attract fungi or mildew.

Passes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance