Layered Closed Cell Foam Large Archery Target with Wheels

Archery Targets - With Wheels

Archery Targets - Option #4

Archery Targets - Option #4

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Do-It-Yourself Pallet Foam Only 48” X 72” X 40” Thick
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If you have an existing archery target or would like to make your own target frame this option is right for you. This Do-It-Yourself Pallet is the foam only and comes in the size 48” X 72” X with layers of 1/8" thickness to make it 40” Thick. This layering system works best because you can add and take out only the layers that are damaged when target is in use. Custom cut the foam to get the size archery target you are looking for. 

The layers are 1/8” thick Mini cell (L200) is a 2lbs density “Skin-Soft” esthetically pleasing material that exhibits a smooth surface and extremely fine uniform cell structure that offers excellent flexibility and resilience. 

This archery target gives you more spots for shots because of the layering system. Take advantage of our high performance oversize targets at a great value.

Test Trial shows that this target was used with a 60lbs to 80lbs bow at a 20-50 yards distance.
Field Points arrows were used in this test trial.

This Target also has wheels as shown in the picture for easy transportation.

Can be utilized for: Camp ground archery fields, Any indoor or outdoor facility, College or University site

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