3lbs, 4lbs & 6lbs Minicell Foam

3lbs, 4lbs & 6lbs Minicell Foam

Ensolite Foam

Ensolite Foam

4.5" thick Minicell- Small

Also known as crosslink polyethylene

Available Thickness: 4-1/2"
Available Sizes: 12" x 24" * 24" x 24"

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4.5" thick Minicell- Small

Also known As: crosslink polyethylene Minicell (L200) is a 2lbs density “Skin-Soft” esthetically pleasing material that exhibits a smooth surface, and has an extremely fine uniform cell structure that offers excellent flexibility and resilience. Feels like a gym pad. Minicell Foam can also be screen printed.

Specific Uses: Building Eaves Filer, Closure Strips, Sport Padding, Gymnasium Wall Protection, Sports Flooring and Mats, Camping Pads, Ship and Dock Fenders, Toys and Games, Exercise Mats, Kayak and Canoe Seats, Kickboards, Fish Tank or Fish Ponds. * Medical * Sporting (football pads, baseball helmets, camping bed rolls and many other applications) * Automotive interior parts and bulk packaging racks * Military

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The 4-1/2" thick minicell foam will have skin top and bottom. White color may not be in stock and will take 7 to 14 business days to ship out.

Minicell foam is very similar to EVA foam, the only thing that is different is EVA foam is sun proof and Minicell foam is not.

The thickness may not be it true thickness it may be + 1/16″ Thick.

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