In-Stock White and Black Polyethylene on the Roll

Polyethylene On The Roll

2.3 lb In-Stock Solid Polyethylene Planks

2.3LBS Density Polyethylene Planks-Solid

Polyethylene Blue & Black- Special Price

This Polyethylene Blue & Black is a cost effective, high performace cushion great for packaging applications. It's resuable and recyclable material is lightweight and easily fabricated.

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Polyethylene Blue & Black- Special Price

Polyethylene, also known as Extruded Polyethylene, provides cushioning and protects repeated impacts. Comes on a roll which is nonabrasive and tear resistant which makes the foam last longer against repeated impacts. 

Can be use for protecting computer, automotive, construction, recreation and products requiring a shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulation, barrier and/or buoyancy component. 

Polyethylene feels like a kids pool noodle.
Cost-effective cushions for packaging applications
High performance
Reusable and recyclable material
Lightweight material, easily fabricated
Provides cube optimization
Flexible, durable and water resistant

Markets: constrictions military, blocking and bracing, floor underlayment, packaging, surface protection, color chain, automotive, recreational, agriculture, archery targets, thermal insulations, sports & leisure, void fill, medical, and marine

Available Sizes:
Blue 24″ x 74″ x 1″ OR Black 37″ x 51″ x 3/8″

The thickness may not be it true thickness it may be + 1/4″ Thick.

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