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Sprung Dance Floors:

Build your own dance floors. We can custom make Minicell a cross-linked closed-cell foam blocks 3" x 3" X 3/4" to adhered under the plywood to give you a more little bounce then crashing directly to plywood. This method gives the best resilience under the sub-floor and will retain its function for many years.

Most common size is 3" x 3" X 3/4" and you will need 54 pieces 3" x 3" x 3/4" high foam per 4'ft x 8'ft plywood sheet. Other sizes are available. Please email us with the size and how many pieces you are looking for prices.


(4) Pieces with your choice of white or black minicell foam wedge
4-1/2" thick x 6" wide x 6" Long

Minicell Foam for boats, kayak, canoe- rooftop protector:
   /  UPS $12.00


Protect your car rooftop or any fragile surfaces by putting this foam pieces in between each other. Can be used for canoe, kayak and small boats.

This foam is made out of closed cell Minicell foam that will hold 900 pounds.


5) Black or Gray Minicell Closed Cell Foam Waterproof Knee Pads
10"x14.5" x 1"

$18.99  / Free Shipping

No more bruised, sore, or aching knees again simply by using this fantastic lightweight foam knee pad for all of your household tasks. Whether you are gardening, scrubbing the floor, organizing, or cleaning just slide this soft durable foam pad under your knees and protect yourself from injury. It has a built in, cut out carrying handle which also allows it to be hung up for easy storage. It's thick and water resistant enough that it can be used to sit on outdoors as well keeping you dry and comfortable while reaching under shrubs or planting allowing you versatility of position to work more comfortably!

Foam Corner Protectors

Custom sizes available. Contact us for details.


Balancing I-Beam:
can also be custom made. This balance beam is a lightweight and portable for beginners and for learning fundamentals. Tapered to the floor to add stability.

Top width 4" x Bottom Width 6" x 72" length x 2" Thick
$25.00 (no cover) 
Optional Shipping $18.00 to $24.00

 Comes with Vinyl Cover in Red, Blue, or Yellow *Free Shipping*        
Top width 4" x Bottom Width 7" x 53" length x 4" Thick  $85.00
Top width 4" x Bottom Width 7" x 106" length x 4" Thick  $145.00

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