Round Mattress Platform Set

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We specialize in Oval, Round and Heart Shaped Mattresses
We also specialize in Bed Frame Platforms


"Let Us Make a Beautiful Round Bed Frame For Your Bedroom."

You may design your own headboard, or you can visit our show room for more ideas. 


Successfully combine a unique style to re-create the room! Add style, glamour and one of a kind style in your room. You will have many complements form your family and friends for your unique taste!  


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*PLEASE NOTE: All shown shipping costs are NOT final as they are estimated. Shipping costs could be slightly higher for our west coast and international customers. We apologize for any inconveniences. Shipping costs are slightly reduced for multiple orders.*  


Complete Round Mattress Bedroom Set!
Includes Square Channel Headboard, Bench,
Platform & Foam Mattress!

96" Round 84" Round 72" Round 60" Round
$ 2,950.00 $ 2,745.00 $ 2,265.00 $ 2,025.00
20 Yards 17 Yards 14 Yards 12 Yards
Estimated Shipping: $425.00 Estimated Shipping: $385.00 Estimated Shipping: $350.00 Estimated Shipping: $300.00


 Square Channel Headboard
62" Height (20" Legs)
 16" Wide x 12" Height

96" Round
72" Long
$ 925.00 10 Yards 96" Round
75" Long
$ 695.00 4.5 Yards
84" Round
68" Long
$ 825.00 9 Yards 84" Round
72" Long
$ 630.00 4 Yards
72" Round
52" Long
$ 725.00 8 Yards 72" Round
60" Long
$ 582.00 3-1/2 Yards
60" Round
48" Long
$ 625.00 7 Yards 60" Round
52" Long
$ 510.00 3 Yards

Complete Round Mattress Bedroom Set!
Includes Channel Headboard, Bench,
Platform & Foam Mattress!

96" Round 84" Round 72" Round 60" Round
$ 2,665.00 $ 2,285.00 $ 1,885.00 $ 1,685.00
24 Yards 14 Yards 12 Yards 10-1/2 Yards
Estimated Shipping: $350.00 Estimated Shipping: $350.00 Estimated Shipping: $350.00 Estimated Shipping: $350.00


 Channel Headboard
38" Height
(20" Legs)
 16" Wide
12" Height
96" Round
72" Long
$695.00 7 Yards   96" Round
75" Long
$ 695.00 4.5 Yards
84" Round
68" Long
$ 625.00 6 Yards   84" Round
72" Long
$ 525.00 4 Yards
72" Round
52" Long
$ 545.00 5 Yards   72" Round
60" Long
$ 485.00 3-1/2 Yards
60" Round
48" Long
$ 495.00 4-1/2 Yards   60" Round
52" Long
$ 425.00 3 Yards


46" Height
Stylish Channeled Headboard with 18" Diameter Rest Holders

Add Picture frames, night lights, candles, cell phones, radio and other accessories.

96" Round 84" Round
(9 yards of fabric)
72" Round 60" Round
$ 875.00 $ 775.00 $ 695.00 $ 595.00
8 Yards 7.5 Yards 6.5 Yards 5.5 Yards

Created by Lysa Banks

84" Round Bed Set- Lady Bug:
Price on Labor
Bench- $525.00
Headboard- $725.00
Platform & Mattress-$1,285.00

This set requires:
12 yards Black fabric
2.5 yards Red fabric



84" Round Bed Set
Price on Labor
Bench- $800.00
Headboard- $1,200.00  (7 yards)
Platform & Mattress-$1,285.00 to $1,750.00

This set requires
19 yards of fabric



84" Round Bed Set
Price on Labor
Headboard- $1,200.00  (12 yards)
Platform & Mattress-$1,750.00

This set requires
16 yards of fabric




Platform & Mattress

We have many years of successful manufacturing and selling experience to a growing number of individual customers and retail outlets in the United States. We take pride in the fact that we offer real value to our customers.

The value is built right in. All of our Upholstered frames have extra support (structural plywood at stress points, solid hardwood throughout) to withstand heavy usage and give you many years of service. Our upholstered round mattress platform is padded with dense foam for comfort and durability.

Click any picture to enlarge. Comes in Three Sizes!
84" Round / 72" Round / 60" Round

Note: Platform comes in two pieces for easy transportation.


Round Foam Mattress with vinyl Wood platform frame and standard wooden legs
Price Includes: Foam Mattress, Wood Frame, wood or metal legs, Any in stock Color Vinyl.

Description Prices Platform Mattress Estimated  Shipping
60 Round x 20 Tall $ 885.00 3 Yards 6-1/2 Yards $ 300.00- $350.00
72 Round x 20 Tall $ 985.00 3-1/2 Yards 7 Yards $ 300.00- $350.00
84 Round x 20 Tall $ 1,285.00 4 Yards 8-1/2 Yards $ 300.00- $350.00
96 Round x 20 Tall $ 1,499.00 5-1/2 Yards 12 Yards $ 300.00- $350.00

Round Foam Mattress- 

Click Here For: Foam Mattress Prices Only


Total thickness is 8 thick with stripe ticking cover

2 thick topper with your choice of Memory foam OR Latex foam

6 thick Premium-Medium High Density

With Stripe Ticking Cover with a zipper: 100% Polyester (Spot clean only/not washable: Hand wash or Dry Cleanable)


* Latex OR 5.3LB Memory foam mattress topper is a unique combination. Our mattress topper is guaranteed to provide you with the best orthopedic comfort and support because it contours to the curves and angles of your body's shape; which will decrease movement on your bed and distributes your weight more evenly. With this said, it will reduce pressure on your shoulders, upper back, hip, lower back and legs.

* Both foam mattress toppers are allergy free and hypoallergenic because of its naturally material resistant it hard to create a habitat for bugs to survive in.

2 Thick Memory Foam


* 5.3LB Memory Foam, and is flexible, extremely comfortable, resilient and durable.


* A temperature sensitive pad, which means that it will respond to body heat for a soft, yet supportive pad.

2 Thick Latex Foam


* The holes in the latex provide maximum airflow, preventing moisture and heat buildup throughout. These mattress toppers never require rotating because they maintain their shape and support for many years.

The differences between Memory Foam and Latex Foam- When you apply pressure to both types of foam the memory foam will slowly come back into place where the Latex foam automatically springs back to the original shape.

6 Premium-Medium High Density:
This foam grade is medium high density foam. If you are looking for support, comfort, and durability then this foam is for you. This kind of foam is rubber based, which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. It will maintain its original shape and density for many years.

Vinyl Wood Platform Frame-

Round Wood Platform is 7 thick, which is made out of wood and covered in any vinyl or Leatherette color fabric of your choice! Price for fabric may be additional. Please look below for all the colors that we offer. OR you are more then welcome to send 3 yards of fabric to us and have us upholster that fabric on for you.

Colors above may differ to actual foam colors due to differences in your monitor's (screen's) setup
In stock Fabric- No extra charge
Red Black White Grey Blue
Brown Tan Hunter Green

Green House Fabric - Solid $26.90 per yard

Ocean Grey
Space Blue

Leather Saddle

Colonial Blue

Green House Fabric - Solid Color Texture $39.90 per yard

Beluga Mocca
Beluga Pure White
Beluga Celestial
Beluga Dove Grey
Beluga Blackbeard
A7206 Saddle
A7205 Espresso
A7207 Butterscotch
A7229 Stone
A7235 White Heron

Green House Fabric - Pattern $48.00 to $57.90 per yard
Invision Dark Latte
Slivertex Umber
Invision Sand
San Remo Cognac
Silvertex Champagne
74938 Lt Taupe A4093
Bottega Marsala
Lt Taupe
Carrara Parchment

Carina Grey

Carina Dark Taupe

Phoenix Ochre

Luxury Fabric- $54.90 per yard
Retro Mist
50321 Azurite
50318 Onyx
50311 Off White
50313 Camel
Retro Mist
50319 Malt
50107 Desert (Crock) REN9201
CAR1105 Santa Fe
(Carbon Fiber)
50112 Mink
KIL2914 Khaki
(Kilkenny Tweed)

Round Mattress Wood Leg Styles

The unfinished Wooden Legs OR Metal Legs are 5 thick and will be spray-painted to the color of your fabric or vinyl platform. OR you have a choice to stain the legs to any color and style of your choice. 
Wood Leg 1 Wood Leg 2 Wood Leg 3 Metal Leg 1 Metal Leg 2

We also Specialize in Sheets, Comforters, and Coverlets

for round mattresses.

* Custom Made Sheets:
   This wrinkle free sheet set is 100% Cotton Sateen and is 300 thread count. Its the highest level of easy care you can buy because, once the sheets come out of the dryer the sheets will still look smooth and feeling super soft. This is called Moist Cross Linking. By treating the fabric at the fiber level, we can produce sheets that resist wrinkles wash after wash.


Complete sheet set:
1 Flat sheet
1 Deep fitted sheet up to 8" Thick
2 King pillowcases

Machine wash warm with like colors and before first use. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly.

So may colors to choose from such as white, ivory, black, beige, sky blue, mid-blue and magenta.
Or you may send us your fitted sheets.
84" Round 72" Round 60" Round
$265.00 $225.00 $205.00

* Comforters (No zipper): Labor - $495.00
   You will need to provide us with 12 yards of fabric.
* Coverlet (comes with zipper to insert your stuffing): Labor - $595.00
   You will need to provide us with 12 yards of fabric.

Round Bed Accessories

Successfully combine a unique style to re-create the room! Add style, glamour, and one of a kind style to your room. You will have many complements from your family and friends for your unique taste!
Platform Size 60" Round 72" Round 84" Round
Price to Add Lights! $ 125.00 $ 145.00 $ 165.00


Rotate your Bed!
Any Size Bed!

Round bed with electrically operated motor system to rotate the bed. Have the freedom to rotate while you sleep!

Frequently Ask Questions:


How many legs do you get? How do I attach the legs on to the frame?

In the picture there are 8 legs but only 5 legs are required, so we only ship out 5 legs. If you want us to ship out 3 more extras (to make it 8 legs total) please let us know ahead of time. You will need a 1/4" diameter drill tip to drill holes on the bed platform where you want the legs to be placed. Once the holes are drilled, the legs will already have the screws to attach and twist the legs into place.  

How strong is the platform frame?

We take pride in building platforms. The platform frame is very strong and sturdy. The construction of the round bed is the top and bottom of the bed are made out of thick CDX plywood that is 5 ply which is glued and screwed to center section of the bed.


5 ply plywood is 5 grains of wood, each going a different direction for strength and durability. The center section of the bed is made out of 2 x 6 x 1-1/2 limber like builders used in building homes for walls. This wood is also glued and screwed together for strength just like the rest of the bed.


Then 1 thick foam is applied to the side of the plywood platform before the fabric is put on. Last the legs are attached with wood dowel screws that screws through the thick plywood and into the center section of the bed.


How is this Round Bed Mattress shipped?
A high quality carrier will ship and deliver right to your door! You also have the option for the carrier to deliver to the bedroom.

Foam Mattress- This mattress will be shipped in one-piece vacuum packed. Please open and allow the foam to expand to ordinal shape for 1 hour.
Round Wood Platform- The platform will be ship in 2 pieces, equally cut in half. The purpose of this is so that you can easily get the Platform frame thru the door. Please take a look at the picture to see the platform set.


Is the Round Bed Delivered Inside The House?
We are very sorry but this bed is not delivered inside the house. The carrier will be delivering it at the front door (like a UPS package). It will be your responsibility to get some help to deliver it to your bedroom.


How do I add a round bed in my room if the room is too small?

It is best to make a paper template to see what round bed size fits in your room. You can also add the round bed in the corner of the room to add more space.
Also to add more space we can custom make the round bed so that it is flat on one side. Please contact us for more details.

Can I return the Round Bed Set?
For Custom Order - Since the Round Bed are custom made to your specifications, they are not returnable for any reason.  Orders cannot be cancelled or changed once production has begun.

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